11 Trending Superfoods And How To Actually Eat Them

We’ve all heard the term ‘superfood’ and most of us have already included some of these yummy delicacies into our eating routines, but there are still lots of questions surrounding these foods, the most important being: “How do I actually eat this?”. Whether it’s the exotic Japanese matcha, the more familiar avocado, or the mysterious camu camu fruit, there are ways to prepare them that would turn these superfoods into the heavenly ambrosia you can munch upon 24/7. Here are 11 trending superfoods and how to actually eat them.

Blend it with a low-fat or non-dairy milk – and you’re good to go! Matcha has been on and off trend for the past few years, never quite leaving the health scene. This amazing green tea is packed with antioxidants and has more caffeine than coffee itself! You can usually find it in a form of green powder that you can mix into anything you want starting from healthy drinks and ending with nutrient-rich snacks.

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