12 Disney Travel Destinations

The world of Disney is magical and wonderful, it’s full of beautiful castles, interesting characters and fun adventures to be had. But it’s also very much based in reality. We can’t all be Princes and Princesses and there’s no real monsters and witches, but the messages and morals in these movies are very much applicable in real life. And you know what? Some of the locations in your favorite Disney movies are also inspired by real places in the world that you can actually go and visit. Take a look at these 12 Disney travel destinations start planning your next vacation today.
1. Sleeping Beauty – Neuschwanstein castle, Bavaria, Germany

Remember the castle in Sleeping Beauty? Or should we say the castle that now appears as the Disney emblem in every movie. It’s actually modeled after a real castle in Bavaria, Germany called Neuschwanstein. This castle was built in 1892 by King Ludwig the second and it’s as magnificent and fairy tale like in real life as it is in Disney movies.

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